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Eddy Current Dynamometers Products


Eddy current dynamometer is the latest type of absorption dynamometer popularly used for testing prime movers like diesel engines, petrol engines, electric motors, pneumatic motors, etc. These dynamometers offer good accuracy and excellent stability. Eddy current dynamometers offer excellent control response to electronic controller. The present trend in industry is to replace hydraulic dynamometers with eddy current dynamometers.

Eddy Current Dynamometer

The basic dynamometer system has two units :

Mechanical absorption unit, and Electronic controller, which incorporates digital indication of speed and torque. Their are three modes of operations like constant speed, constant torque and constant current. Highly powerful fail safe safeties to protect dynamometer are incorporated. Optional computer interface is also available.

The electronic unit plays an important role in operating dynamometer in different modes. ICA offers very efficient and reliable electronic controller. This unit displays torque/load and speed on digital indicator. It offers 3 modes of dynamometer operation by controlling excitation current in the coil through firing angle control of SCR's.

  1. I = Constant ---------------- The inner loop control.
  2. T = Constant ---------------- For fixed speed prime movers.
  3. N = Constant ---------------- For variable speed prime movers.
Lifting Arrangement for Eddy Current
Assembly of Eddy Current Dynamometer

The speed is measured using magnetic reluctance type sensor and 60 teeth gear wheel. The sensor directly generates TTL output. The speed indicator has also builtin diagnostics to indicate failed sensor or broken sensor wires. The load/torque indicator uses 6 wire load cell system that offers high end accuracy. Electronic controller also incorporates safety circuits like dynamometer body temperature high (HI-T), cooling water low pressure safety (LO-P). High excitation current safety (HI-C). Over speed safety (HI-N) etc. If any safety limit gets crossed, the excitation current is cut off and LED of that particular safety glows. This helps to rectify fault. Optionally, we can provide computer interface and automation in engine/motor testing.


Eddy current dynamometer is an ideal tool for production testing of prime movers like diesel engines, gasoline engines, pneumatic motors and electric motors, industrial drives and transmission systems. It is equally suited for Research and Development work.
Eddy Current Dynamometer Model 300 E.C.
Vertical Dynamometer
200 Watt Air Cooled Eddy Current Dynamometer
for testing of electric motors.

  • Same capacity in bidirectional operation.
  • Excellent stability.
  • Better accuracy.
  • Easier and smoother load control.
  • Suitable for remote control.
  • Instantaneous response to load control, ideally suited for all types of governing Tests.
  • Very little down time and maintenance.

  • Low noise-levels. Quiet operation.
  • Direct reversibility of direction.
  • Longer life because of low wear and tear of moving parts.
  • Extremely rugged construction.
  • Small and compact.
  • Wide range of power and speed.
  • Excellent mechanical stability.

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